Garden Jungle

Garden Jungle

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„Garden Jungle“
Author: Hélène Druvert
Age: 3-5 years

Follow Tom to the edge of his garden, where the grass turns into a lush jungle and a walk turns into an expedition! Tom, a little boy who’s bored, follows a butterfly deeper than he’s ever been in his backyard and discovers uncharted territory. Here, the grass becomes a jungle, the cat turns into a leopard, and the only sounds come from leaves blowing in the wind. But all too soon, it’s time to go back. Tom realizes his house is just behind those shrubs …It’s so good to be bored!

This beautiful, colorful storybook is illustrated with laser-cut silhouettes that make the garden come alive. An exciting backyard adventure, Garden Jungle will appeal to children of all ages.

Dimensions 28 × 21 cm

3-6 years


In English


Fiction, Picture books

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