My first Amelia Earhart board book

My first Amelia Earhart board book

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Author: Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Illustrated by: Mariadiamantes

Meet Amelia Earhart, the world-famous aviation pioneer.

When Amelia was young, she liked to imagine she could stretch her wings and fly away like a bird. As a grown woman, she set a new female world record for flying up to 14,000 feet. She also flew across the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, and eventually undertook the most dangerous mission of all: to fly all the way around the world.

Babies and toddlers will love to snuggle as you read to them the engaging story of this fascinating icon, and will also enjoy exploring the stylish and quirky illustrations of this sturdy board book on their own.


0- 3 years, 3-6 years


In English


Non-fiction, Picture books

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