Pop-Up Workshops for Kids

Pop-Up Workshops for Kids

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„Pop-up workshop for kids“
Autorius: Antje von Stemm
Amžius: 9-12 m.

It is difficult not to surrender to the magic of pop-up books. Whether we re little or grown up, we cannot fail to be amazed every time we turn a page and suddenly find something that has been built in three dimensions before our eyes. It must be so difficult to do this, is what most of us think. But here is a book that proves that making your own pop-ups is not as impossible as it might seem. Going step by step, and providing clear explanations, drawings, photographs, access to videos and downloadable patterns. Antje von Stemm teaches us how to build these three-dimensional works of art on paper, from the most basic creations to more complex ones. The pop-ups that readers will learn to make can be used in self-published books and greeting cards-or in any other idea that aims to surprise people! With explanations that are easy to follow and written in an enjoyable style, this book is perfect for children from the ages of eight to one hundred who are willing to experiment and play with paper, glue and scissors. It is also the perfect companion for teachers, educators and parents who can use the ideas featured in this book in their classes or as an activity for a stay at home day.

Dimensions 26 × 23.5 cm

6-10 years


In English

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