Wowee Zowee: A Flight of Imagination

Wowee Zowee: A Flight of Imagination

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Taking a flight is always exciting, and this fun and quirky activity book is the perfect travel companion for your little one’s journey!

Hop on board and visit a host of weird worlds and peculiar planets in this delightfully charming and very silly activity book for the young and the young at heart. Design some ski-wear for Frostonika, spot the differences in Crystal Castles and think up a menu for the beach bar on Lazy Isle! The only limits are your own imagination!

Bold, fresh illustrations by Jurg Lindenberger, bring the activities to life. A timely reminder of the thrills of travel and exploration.

Let your kids creativity run wild!

Jurg Lindenberger is a skateboarding illustrator based in Basel Switzerland. His joyous, unfiltered graphics have adorned surfboards, skateboards and snowboards, as well as the pages of Anorak Magazine. He has also worked with clients including Bobo Choses, Google and Kiwi Magazine. He is the illustrator of Penpals Forever
(Cicada, 2020).

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