Map of You: The Journey of Self-Discovery Starts Here!

Map of You: The Journey of Self-Discovery Starts Here!



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Pack your bags and lace up your boots… it’s time to explore the landscape of YOU

This charming activity book aims to help young readers work through their anxieties, to encourage honest self-reflection, and to inspire a sense ofacceptance and optimism even in times of darkness.

Aimed at children ages 8-13, this book encourages readers to navigate the landscape of their psyche by colouring, writing, doodling, drawing and complet- ing personality quizzes.They are invited to complete their ‘strength mountain’ to explore their ‘wetlands of weakness’, to confront their ‘forests of fears’, and to take comfort in their ‘islands of interests’.

At a time when the mental health of young people is a point of concern, this activity book offers a much-needed opening to ideas of self-awareness, well-being and mindfulness, with a refreshing lightness of touch.

Sophie Williams is a recent graduate of the Winchester School of Art Illus- tration Programme. Her work takes inspiration from such classic illustrators as Nick Sharratt and Gemma Correll and also from the natural world of her native Cornwall. Her own struggles with anxiety and mental health led her to create Map of You for her graduate project. She is the illustrator of Earth-Shattering Events (Cicada 2019).


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