Penny, the Mirror

Penny, the Mirror



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Autoriai: Dave Bell, Martin Nicolausson
Amžius: 4-9 metai

Mirrors have it tough. They never feel like they are doing a good job, because when people look in the mirror, they (almost) always say bad things. But mirrors have feelings too, you know, and they take it personally.

In Penny, the Mirror, one plucky little mirror decides to take things into her own hands—yes, she’s got hands—for the sake of her ancestors and mirrors everywhere.

This is the hilarious story of Penny the mirror’s life-changing journey to acceptance, that will empower all readers to celebrate themselves too. Read on and find new love for mirrors and for what you see in them.

Dave Bell is a writer, creative director and curator. He has authored or conceived a number of books in the fields of design, marketing and photography. Dave lives in London, was born in Scotland, has a German family, and works for the Dutch design agency KesselsKramer. He is the father of three children.

Martin Nicolausson s a Stockholm-based illustrator and graphic designer. Since graduating from Beckmans College of Design in 2008, he has worked with editorial and commercial clients including The New York Times, Nike, Wallpaper* and Wired Magazine. Drawing as much inspiration from the past as from the future, Martin’s work combines the digital and analogue with equal amounts of nostalgia and bold vision.

FSC™️ (Forest Stewardship Council™️) Certified.

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