The Grand Hotel Of Feelings

The Grand Hotel Of Feelings

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Welcome to the Grand Hotel of Feelings, where all kinds of feelings come and stay.

Every guest has unique needs. Anger, for example, is very loud and needs plenty of space to scream and shout. Sadness speaks in a small voice and occasionally floods the bathroom. Gratitude likes wandering about in nature; you never know when she might come and sit by your side.

Some feelings are big and some are small, some are fun and some are tricky, but no feeling is ever turned away. At the Grand Hotel of Feelings, there is room for everyone!

“Emotional management in a fun wacky style? Yes please! This is a fantastic book for opening up a conversation about the importance of letting all your feelings come and go, it introduces emotional regulation in a creative and imaginative way.” Emily at Tenterden, Waterstones Bookseller

“My daughter, 6, very enthusiastically called this “The greatest book ever!”. The artwork is stunning, with rich colours and loads of hidden details to capture the imagination. A must have for young families and Key Stage 1 teachers to encourage healthy discussion and expression at home and in the classroom.” Lisa Hurd, Waterstones Bookseller

Lidia Brankovic graduated from FH-Potsdam in 2022. She takes inspiration from her hometown Berlin, its people and its culture. When she’s not painting or writing, she enjoys dancing, meditating and taking long walks. The Grand Hotel of Feelings in Lidia’s first book, and emerges from her own journeys through and with emotional turbulence.


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