Very Funky Animals – 30 Curiosities of then Animal World

Very Funky Animals – 30 Curiosities of then Animal World



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Did you know that giraffes produce sounds that are far too low for humans to hear? Or that some tiny mosquitoes have no less than 47 teeth? In this new, fabulous activity book, Victor Escandell illustrates these and many other amazing facts about the animal world. Children will have a blast drawing, colouring, cutting out, satiating their thirst of knowledge and solving fascinating enigmas about their favourite animals. Each one of the charming characters of this book reveals a surprising aspect of its nature as it suggests super fun activities that stimulate those new, powerful minds…and hands! Once more, Victor Escandell puts in our hands a bunch of delicious illustrations, wonderful facts and plenty of fun. This is an irresistible activity book, perfect for sharing with family and friends

About the Author

Victor Escandell is a well-known Spanish illustrator. He got his degree on Graphic Design from the prestigious MassanaSchool of Barcelona. He has worked for such important companies as MacCann-Erickson, TBWA, Bassat & Ogilvy and several newspapers, as El Pais or El Mundo. In 2007 he was chosen for the exhibition of Catalan illustrators in Frankfurt Book Fair. He is the author of „Wonderful World of Animals”, „Dinosaurs” and „Sweet Monsters of the World”.

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